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Why I “Taught” Math in a Social Studies Class (Thank you PBL)

I used to be one of those people that loathed math. I was taught (like most kids) that math was a series of procedures and steps. Plug numbers into an equation, do some stuff the teacher said, and get the answer in the back of the book. One tiny misstep and the whole “problem” was wrong. I never knew why …

Curate List of Make PBL Projects

Use It! A Curated List of Tools to ‘Make’ Projects

CrowdSchool helps teachers organize and create project based lessons we call Challenges. We created CrowdSchool as classroom teachers to solve some of the problems we had completing project based learning with our students. One of our biggest problems was organizing different PBL resources into one place so students could both learn about content and make the final project. On CrowdSchool, …

Founding CTO Wanted

Founding CTO

CrowdSchool is seeking a Founding CTO to help build our web platform to reimagine school as project based. See full job description on Medium

Project Based Learning Ideas in April

10+ Project Based Learning Ideas, April

Looking for some ideas to jump start project based, inquiry, or creative learning in April? Look no further than the calendar. Each month is dedicated to a seemingly infinite number of serious and silly causes. April is no different. Using both the comical and the sincere nature of April’s calendar, I crafted a few driving questions and challenge statements. Feel …

5 Tips to Get Started with PBL

5 Tips to Get Started with PBL

To some, starting PBL seems daunting and overwhelming. I can understand why. Amazing student work and teacher stories crowd the education Twitterverse. There is a perception that PBL is only reserved for a certain type of teacher. Perception does not always equal reality. Any teacher can start using PBL with their students. Here are 5 tips to get started with …


Project Based Learning, Some Research (Part 3)

Skills are getting a ton of facetime in the education world. With the advent of Common Core and a greater emphasis on 21st Century Skills, there seems to be a push for learning that goes beyond facts and dates. I think this is a good thing. After all, we teach kids, not just content. What do I mean by skills? …

CrowdSchool among 6 startups to win iHub Pitch Games

CrowdSchool is happy to announce that it is 1 of 6 startups to win the iHub Pitch Games hosted by the Silicon Valley Education Foundation in partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund.  We will begin piloting CrowdSchool’s Project Based Learning platform with teachers in Silicon Valley schools starting this March. For more, check out EdSurge’s coverage of the event.

4 Quick Steps: Use Design Thinking to Create a PBL Unit

We’ve all been there. You sit down to create a PBL unit. You’re inspired. You have big plans. You’re ready to do this. Then you just stare at the computer screen. Where to start? Even if you’re lucky enough to plan with a team, creating a PBL unit often starts with a case of writer’s block. The team needs a …


8 Essential Elements of PBL

If you follow me on Twitter, or have ever read my blog, you know I am a big fan of Project Based Learning (PBL). I firmly believe an emphasis on creative, innovative projects (not the dioramas from our childhood) challenges the current paradigm of education. PBL makes learning relevant, engaging, and authentic. PBL demands and develops 21st century skills like …


PBL Research, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I covered some general project based learning (PBL) research. Part 2 focuses on the educational theory behind project based learning. In an effort to better describe the academic articles, I changed the post structure slightly. My ultimate goal is to bridge research and praxis. Enjoy PBL Research, part 2! Title: “Getting a Grip on …