Use It! A Curated List of Tools to ‘Make’ Projects

CrowdSchool helps teachers organize and create project based lessons we call Challenges. We created CrowdSchool as classroom teachers to solve some of the problems we had completing project based learning with our students. One of our biggest problems was organizing different PBL resources into one place so students could both learn about content and make the final project.

On CrowdSchool, teachers post multimedia and web resources connected to the content of a project. We call this the ‘learn’ section. Teachers also post resources for students to make and complete their projects. We call this the ‘make’ section.


A sample ‘make’ resource page for students completing a CrowdSchool PBL Challenge



CrowdSchool makes it easy for teachers to find resources so students can complete their final projects. The following is a list of curated resources teachers can use to build the ‘make’ section of their own Challenge. This helps students create a variety of final projects. Whether it be making presentations, building websites, or creating  stop-motion movies, CrowdSchool finds resources you can post in your Challenge. True to CrowdSchool’s commitment to both honor and learn from a community of fellow teachers, the ‘make’ resource document is open to all. Suggest your own resources by leaving a comment on the Google doc.

What are you waiting for? Start creating, using, and sharing CrowdSchool project based Challenges today. Login or request a private beta invitation.